Side Effects of Muscle & Fitness Supplements


Common Side Effects Of Fitness Supplements

Although fitness supplements play a significant role in bodybuilding, they should be used sparingly. Depending too much on these supplements can be detrimental to your body and the while muscle building exercise. Most of these supplements are manufactured using high-density proteins and packed with calories. Although important for lean muscles, using too much of the same isn’t recommended. Discussed below are some of the devastating Side Effects of Muscle & Fitness Supplements that you should know of.

Muscle & Fitness Supplements Side EffectsThe central idea behind these supplements is to boost lean muscle development. Although proteins are highly essential, pumping in too many proteins than the body can handle can result in fat gain. One unknown fact about proteins is that proteins in digested form cannot be stored in the body. They are however converted into calories that if not used well are converted into body fats. This mostly happens if there isn’t sufficient physical activity to burn the extra calories.

Proteins are rich sources of phosphates and sulphates. When digested, they are converted into amino acids. When in excess, these compounds lead to a buildup of excess acids in the body, a process that forces the kidney to start excreting more acids in an attempt to balance the same. The excess acidity triggers calcium excretion thus affecting bone density and strength. Although you could be gaining muscle mass, your body loses too much calcium thus making your body weak.

One of the most experienced side effects of fitness supplements is body dehydration. This mostly happens if you aren’t eating enough carbohydrates, which pushes the body into ketosis. Ketosis is the state whereby ketones build up in body cells to toxic levels. This makes it almost impossible for cells to retain fluids and water, and also forces the kidney into an overdrive. Lots of water is therefore lost in the form of urine dehydrating the body further. The only way to be safe when using these supplements is by using them sparingly or taking on well-balanced meals.